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A boutique advisory firm in Denver, CO providing Investment Management and Financial Planning for growing families across the country

Your guide through the complicated financial world

We get it. You want to be amazing at everything: building a career, taking care of your partner, raising your kids, and serving your community. You're also smart enough to know that some things are better left in the hands of professionals.  You wouldn't hesitate to hire a plumber, a mechanic, or a piano teacher.  You should feel just as confident that your family's financial future is getting the attention it deserves.  That's where Cedar Peak Wealth Advisors comes in.

Cedar Peak is a fee-only, fiduciary financial advisor specializing in the unique needs of young professionals and growing families. We know the questions and challenges you face because we've been there. Your financial life is changing quickly and dramatically. The stakes are high. You want to get it right.

At Cedar Peak, you’ll work with one person. You and Kevin Shuller will design and implement a plan that reflects your goals and your values. I'm also the one who researches your investments and celebrates with you when your child takes his or her first steps. We will guide you, grow with you, and help you live the life you want.

Take the First Step

"You may delay, but time will not" - Benjamin Franklin

The best time to start is yesterday. The second best time is right now. Click the button below to book a free 30 minute call with me. We will discuss who you are, where you are, where you want to go, and how I can help you get there.  

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