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Are you a fiduciary?



Oh my god yes. We wouldn’t do this if we weren’t.


A fiduciary is bound to act in your best interest. Most people who call themselves financial advisors are held to the ‘suitability’ standard. That means that whatever they do for you or recommend to you needs to be suitable for you, not necessarily what’s best for you.


If you decide to hire a financial advisor, but Cedar Peak isn’t for you, ‘Are you a fiduciary?’ is the most important question you should ask any prospects.


What does 'Fee-Only' mean?

Fee-Only describes how Cedar Peak gets paid. 100% of our revenue comes from fees paid to us by clients. We don’t get commissions, so we aren’t incentivized to unnecessarily trade in your accounts. We don’t get rebates from any investment managers, so we only use the investment products we like the most. We don't have revenue share agreements, so we have nothing to gain from putting you in high-cost mutual fund share classes when cheaper ones are better.


Everyone has conflicts of interest. This is one way that we minimize ours.


What is your investment philosophy?

  1. Good investing is simple, but not easy

  2. A couple of investing concepts - Diversification, Value, Momentum - do 95% of the heavy lifting. Lean on these and you can ignore a lot of noise.

  3. Focus on what works over the long term. It’s ok to be wrong this year if you’re right this decade. 

  4. Your portfolio needs to match your personality and temperament.

This is the foundation of how we invest our own money and how we will invest yours. We like discussing these principles every chance we get; regardless of how interested our audience is. 


Do you work with clients outside of Denver?


Yes! In fact, most of our clients live outside of Colorado. 

In the first year of working together, we will have a series of Zoom meetings to discuss your goals, your dreams, and how we will implement a plan to get you there. I use Best-In-Class software to help us keep track of implementation steps so that we can track the changes we need to make.

After the first year, we will shift to periodic Zoom update meetings. On top of that, you can call or text whenever you like. 

FAQ Fiduciary
FAQ Fee Only

Our Fees

We charge for Investment Management services. For clients with more than $500,000 of assets under management, we provide financial planning at no additional charge. For clients with less than $500,000, we offer ongoing financial planning with an additional quarterly fee. Get in touch and we can discuss.

The Investment Management fees are charged on a blended basis. For example: A $2,000,000 account would be charged a blended fee of 0.875%. That's 1% on the first $1 million and 0.75% on the second $1 million.

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